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When you register to use the Kidathons Pledge System, you will inform each family who has a student at your school. Preformatted emails make it easy to send the information.

The email will contain the following information for the families:

description of the online pledge system

instructions to use the Kidathons Pledge System

Contact Us to ask questions

To start using the Kidathons Pledge System, simply register for an account online, then choose your payment method:

Registration fee - $699 annually paid by school organization


                                  $2 donor fee/per donation paid by                     donor (default setting)

You will receive instructions to use the system. The simple steps include uploading database information to the system, and learning how to click a few buttons . . . that's it!

People will use an online donation form to pay for the pledges. Your school will see the donations online.

It is that easy.  

Your school may choose to use paper packets, also, but after awhile, you and your school will realize that the work to use paper packets is so much more than using modern technology to get pledges for your event.

Have fun!

The Kidathons Pledge System helps schools all over the United States.

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