We count laps at your jogathon

Leave the lap counting up to us.  No more popsicle sticks, wet index cards,  hole punches, tally marks on shirts, rubber bands on wrists, or any other method you have used in the past.  We provide the following:

  • Accurate electronic lap counting.

  • Bibs for every student with an RFID timing chip attached.

  • PA System with fun music.

  • Flags to color up the jogathon.

  • Printed list within 5 minutes of jogathon completion with all the laps for each student.

You do NOT need to provide the following:

  • Parent volunteers to chase down kids to make sure they get credit for the lap they completed. 

  • Parent volunteers to spend hours after the event tallying up all the hole punches on index cards. 

You DO need to provide the following:

  • Parent volunteers to cheer on the kiddos and encourage them and help get them water if they need it. 

  • Parent volunteers to dance to music and help get the kids excited to run their jogathon.  

Watch laps being counted electronically

List of laps counted