Information for families

If your school uses Kidathons Pledge System, you will be informed with an email from a school administrator.

The email will contain a password for you to use to open the pledge-system online software.  To start getting pledges and donations for your upcoming school jogathon, you will do the following:

Log-in to the pledge site


enter emails of friends, neighbors, families, and businesses

click the SEND button

Contact us to ask questions

People will use an online donation form to pay for the pledges. Your school will see the donation online.

It is that easy.  

Your school may choose to use paper packets, also, but after awhile, you and your school will realize that the work to use paper packets is so much more than using modern technology to get pledges for your event.

Have fun!

The Kidathons Pledge System helps schools all over the United States.

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