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Dear Grandma,

Hi.  It's Bobby.

Our school is doing our annual Jogathon on _______date________. We are raising money for all the projects at the school.

If you would like, you can donate using a link on this email. DONATE NOW

As you know, you can donate $1.00, $5.00, $20.00, or even $100. Or, you can donate any amount you would like.  The money goes directly to my school.

I will be running in the school jogathon.  I will do my best to run as many laps as I can.

We are also learning more about Eating Right, and Exercising Right.  I will do my best to eat right, and exercise right.

You can come watch if you want to.  And, if you would like to do a running event virtually, choose the Jogathon event on this website - CLICK HERE.  If you do this, let me know.

Thank you for supporting me.  When you donate, you will receive a confirmation email.

If you have a business, would you like to purchase some feather flags with your logo on them that will be at the event if you purchase at least three weeks before the event.  If you would, CLICK HERE to learn more.

Thank you so much,


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