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4 weeks before the event
4 Weeks before the event, this email will be emailed to all families

This is what the email will look like:


Hi.  We have four weeks to go until the annual Jogathon.

To get ready to run as many laps as you can, keep exercising and eating healthy meals.

You are exercising in your physical education class as school, and you are exercising at recess.  You could also go on activities with your family that will help you be healthy.

Ask you family if you can go walking or jogging.  Maybe you could go on a hike on Saturday morning or Saturday afternoon.

You may want to set a goal for how many laps you want to run at the school jogathon.

Send more emails now to help raise more funds.  Have you accomplished your goal yet?

See you at school.



The Kidathons Pledge System helps schools all over the United States.

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