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6 weeks before the event
6 Weeks before the event, this email will be emailed to all families

This is what the email will look like:


Hi.  By now, you are well into the Pledge System for the upcoming school jogathon fund raising event.  Thank you for your work.

Entering emails, and asking for donations using an email is pretty fun. The person who receives the email can donate when they receive the email because a donation button is on the same page as the email.

Make sure you set a goal.  If you achieve your goal early, you can make a higher goal!  This could be a very good fundraiser this year.

While you are getting friends, neighbors, families, and businesses to donate to our annual fundraiser, take some time to look at the Eat Right & Exercise Right information for kids. Your kids will appreciate being taught healthy principles to maintain a healthy life.

CLICK HERE to read about Eating Right and Exercising Right.

We appreciate that your family is in our school.  Our school is wonderful because of families like yours.



The Kidathons Pledge System helps schools all over the United States.

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