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8 Weeks before the event, this email will be emailed to all families

This is what the email will look like:


Hi.  The SCHOOL NAME is having its annual Jogathon fund raiser on DATE.  You are certainly invited to participate by helping raise the funds for the event.

This year, we are using the Kidathons Pledge System to raise donations - we think you will enjoy the new Pledge System.

You may, of course, solicit friends and neighbors as you have in the past, however, the new Pledge System may help you get many more donations, and we think it will be easier, and more fun for your family.

Simply type in email addresses, and click the SEND button.  The email is automatically sent.

We are also learning more about Eating Right, and Exercising Right this year while you fund raise for the school.

Please go to this website - CLICK HERE. This site will direct you to do the following:

create a username

create a password

Once you have done this, you will be directed to the Pledge site, and you will begin the process of helping the school.

If you know of businesses that would like to participate by donating, please contact them, too.

Thank you so much - we will send periodic emails to update you on the upcoming event.



The Kidathons Pledge System helps schools all over the United States.

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